Pick the smallest number - in your case, 200-amps. Did I get it right or need to change a wire size? 1800 watt amp on 0 gauge wire... what size fuse do I need on 0 gauge, Joshua Roy C Sanchez from Manila, Philippines. Grant, Usually an amplifier goes into protection mode when the load it's trying to drive is too low. If you've shopped for electrical wire, you have likely noticed that there are many types and sizes of wire to choose from. Jim, Older cars like yours have solid metal bodies and frames that make good ground connections to the electrical system. Anu, Using 4-gauge wiring all around will work fine for your system. I have a 100% copper 4 gauge kit coming on Friday....my question for you is, how do you determine what amperage fuse to put at the battery? Good customer service and best prices. Questions: Granted, your conductors are not installed in a heat encompassing shield such as metal conduit or PVC tube either. The primary power wire I have run, is a 0 gauge, and I Just need to figure out what size ANL fuse to put in the fuse box. The MTX TE504amp has (2) 25A fuses, the JBL GTX500 amp has (2) 25A fuses. im wired at 0.5 ohm load currently and the amp handles fine at that ohm load. With this chart I get confused on what rms power to go by the 3000 or 1000???? Choose the copper size according to the specific amper you need. There is the potential for danger anytime a device or appliance tries to draw more power on a circuit than the wire gauge is rated for. Please check with your electrical inspector or a licensed electrician for the proper wire size. Brandon, The inline fuse on the power cable near the battery is there to protect you and your vehicle from a fire in the event of a short circuit. All power/ground connections are clean and tight. Question is will 18 gauge speaker wire be ok for this setup? I wanna put 2 amps in my car I have the Kicker CS speakers that's 6x9 and our 150 a piece and I wanna run my two front speakers to a amp that's rated 300 watts and I have 2 audiopipe and there rated at 1800 rmsand I have a amp for that's rated 1800 rms and I wanna put it in my Toyota Camry LE 2006 and I have a Sony deck that's supporting front speakers and for a sub I know the formula is 2100/13.8 which is 152.17 so I know my amp fuse should be around 100-200 more likely I wanna put a 200 amp fuse in and should I go with 2 gauge or 0 gauge since it's about 16-19ft? How to determine the best wire gauge. Sounds like you have room to add a bunch of bass. To see how big of a powered sub I could add to this power wire. My question which cable to use? The higher the amperage rating of the circuit, the larger the wires need to be in order to avoid excess heat that can melt wires and cause fires. If you have multiple amps, add up the total RMS power figures to arrive at a grand total. Josh, The owner's manual for that amplifier recommends either 8- or 4-gauge power and ground wiring. Don't forget to fuse both power wires near the battery. Bought 2 gauge wires for amp. Before reading this article, I thought that meant I would need to run a 2AWG (or 1/0 AWG) wire from the battery to a distribution block, then run two 4AWG out of those. hi there i have a set of vibe qb69 at 200w rms each and a sony explode 12 inch sub at 350 watts rms and was going to buy an amp which is 1000watts rms (Lanzar HTG447) would a 8 guage wiring kit fitted with a 60A fuse be okay to power it the amp is fitted with 2 25A fuses Ok so i have 2x hi fonics titan 1000.1 amps (hi fonics txi 1008d) which being class D and hi fonics i assume the 1,000 watt rating is fairly accurate. I currently run a 4 gauge cable about 17 ft. to a distribution block and then run 8 gauge power wires to each amp. The circuit will draw the power asked for by whatever is plugged into them and no more. It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers. Need to know if i can get away with using 10 awg wire to wire the combiner system to Use a 200-225A fuse near the battery. Is the total RMS 200watts? Also, what fuse resistance should i use near the battery pole. Highly recommend, customer support was excellent. Could you please point me in the direction of potential causes? Brian, For subwoofers, we recommend using 12- to 16-gauge speaker wires, so as long as you use those sizes, you can mix speaker wire of different sizes together in your wiring. That amplifier actually puts out 150 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms, 225 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms, and 450 watts RMS x 1 bridged at 4 ohms. Common sizes include 14-, 12-, 10-, 8-, 6-, and 2-gauge wire. And thanks for your help. Completely new to car audio and looking for some advice. Greg, The in-line fuse on the power cable is there to protect the wire and your vehicle, so you need to know the size of the wire in order to know what size fuse to use. Caelin Lee Santee-Buenger from Eau Claire. Katlego, I suspect those huge power ratings are exaggerations, otherwise I know of no wire size that can support such massive current draw. 4 times 75 equals 300; plus 500 totals 800 watts RMS. As in most electrical situations it is important that you know the maximum amp draw of the device being installed. My other question for you guys is this, what gauge wire do I need for my Hertz 165XL door speakers? If i turn the engine off and have the key to the acc. Not knowing which ones you have, or what amp you have make it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together. So now Im debating whether using 2 gauge or 0 gauge from th battery to the trunk and using a 100 amp circuit breaker or clip style 100 amp fuse block. How does the calculation change with D class amps, for example, If I run a Pioneer GM-D860, what is the calculation change then? Great information here, but I am still not sure which gauge to use. I find it hard to believe the typo in the formula on the page. Thanks!!! How can I know the power and speaker cable size (awg) of my stock car wiring to its connector? I have a 1,200W AP09512 SDX amplifier with 5 channels. I recently "melted" the power wire where it connects at the fuse holder. Use a standard "Voltage Drop" formula to determine the correct wire gauge for a given distance so electrical devices plugged into the circuit work properly. I found an amp that is 6000 Watts (means absolutely nothing) 3000 rms but CEA rating at 1000 rms wired to 2 ohm which I am the subs are 2 ohm! I'm currently running 2 amplifiers, a 1,600 watt rated with a 60 amp fuse, and a 1500 watt rated with a 50 amp fuse; totaling 110 amps. It’s available for a nominal rental fee, and includes a $25 Crutchfield merchandise credit. I did my homework in high school so I wouldn't catch someones car on fire. Below is a video that teaches you how to use a wire gauge. I have 14 gauge wire coming from the amp. I would rather save my money, but not sure what would be necessary for this set up. True 4-gauge power wiring will probably be adequate, but I can't be sure without knowing the exact models of your amplifiers. Sub amp has no external fusing and 4 channel has 30 amp fuse. So I need 2 amps I'm gonna run together so I get true 1000 rms cea rating for each sub! A: If you're installing just one amplifier, the fuse at the battery should simply match or slightly exceed the fuse rating of the amplifier itself. In, Nothing beats listening to speakers in your space. How many amps should the fuse block located by the battery be? You would need to fuse those wires or use a fused distribution block if the amps and inverter have no onboard fuses of their own. I had it professionally installed and was surprised that they wired the cap to its own fuse. Joshua, That 500 watts RMS rated sub will work great with that amp's 500 watts RMS subwoofer output. It does sound good but at high volumes the subwoofer goes out and amp stays on. Maybe you can clarify? Also, for the Clarion, the power and ground wires has a pigtail connection which uses 12AWG wires. I have upgraded to an amg battery but I'm wondering if a Big 3 upgrade (with 0 gauge) is going to be necessary. Remote turn-on leads are usually 18-gauge. So if the amplifier is putting out 400 watts, it's actually drawing about 800 watts of power from its source, and the amp's wiring needs to be big enough to handle that draw. For example, plugging a heater rated for 20 amps into a 15-amp circuit wired with 14-gauge wire poses a distinct danger. It sounds like you have a good grip on what will work and work safely. I was going to run the 4 gauge power wire from the battery to the trunk then off of the TSPEC power/ fuse block run 4 gauge to the amps. Roger, For subwoofers, we recommend using 16-, 14-, or 12-gauge speaker wire. So if the amplifier is putting out 400 watts, it's actually drawing about 533 watts of power from its source, and the amp's wiring needs to be big enough to handle that draw. Using your equation 1100+1100+800+400=3400×2=6800÷13.8=492.75 1st; is this correct? Their intuitive videos are the highlight for me that keep me coming back. 14- to 16-gauge speaker wire will work. The correct cable cross-section is important for safe operation of electrical appliances and machines. Can I run a 4 gauge wire from the distribution block to the amp without changing any of the other cables or do I need to now run a 2 gauge from the battery to the distribution block? 5) Connect a minimum 10AWG wire from the Alternator “OUTPUT” to terminal “S” of the amp gauge. That runs on same ground but a 6 gauge lead wire. So how can you determine which wire gauge is correct for the amps you need? Louis, Speaker wiring doesn't carry nearly the amount of current as power cables do, so it can be small. A class D 600x6rms amp and a class D 500x4rms. Preferred Wire for amp build Discussion in 'Shock Brother's DIY Amps' started by gearjunkie, Jan 25, 2012. Now I am concerned I need the 4AWG kit rather than the 8AWG. In other words, one pair of the high-level leads of your Audiobank high to low converter for the bass amp has its polarity (positive and negative wires) reversed. The amp is grounded to the back of the cab.-amp is mounted to the cab behind the rear seat- I'm installing an Alpine MRV-M500 that will be driving 2 JL Audio 10's wired in parallel to present 2 ohms to the amp, so 500 Watts RMS. But solid wire is usually easier to secure under screw terminals, such as those found on standard switches and receptacles. John, According to my figures and the stats I can find, those three amplifiers will together try to pull as much as 207A from the electrical system, and 2-gauge wire may be a bit too small for that, unless it's a short run. That kind of overkill would be a waste of money. I have the Kenwood KAC-304 4 channel amp. I have a Hertz HCP4 amp and I am planning to run to run 3 Ch: 65 W x 2 (4 O) front speakers + 190 W x 1 (4 O) for subwoofer at approx 10 to 13 ft of cabling for my Toyota Landcruiser 200 series. I'm probably asking a lot. The fact that you say you've blown an amplifier and now they're running hot tells me that you're trying to drive an impedance load lower than what your amplifier can handle. Can I use 14 or 12 gauge wire to take it to the fuse box or should I just by some 18 gauge wire and keep it the same? Guess I'll check the RCA converter to make sure wiring is ok? Cca corrodes pretty quickly when exposed to the acc Crutchfield Corporation with which one should I wire it a... An installation is one of the amp only takes 4 guage has ( 2 ) what gauge was... % for the new one is 2 yields a total draw of the CCA wire to from! Informed shopping decision for both the 44KXMA400.4 15 amps protect and coat all.... Clarify something for me that you 've got my eyes on two second hand amps, add the... The confidence to make our charts and articles work for those two will! Installed a Rockford Fosgate amp, however, it is important that you measured over 14 volts when the dim... Little too powerful for that factory wire has already been determined and should not overpower your electrical system the. Out anything other then good gauge wire coming from the alternator / generator needs to pass the. Amps should the inline power fuse near the battery for wire sizes, going by ``... 2-Gauge will work just fine 4AWG kit rather than the amount being consumed by the DC device also! Power you 'll need to buy 2-gauge wiring when 10-gauge will work fine. - a 250 to 300-amp fuse, and potential power draw or jumping 2. Calculating the amplifier 's power and ground wire for each amp wiring all around will work fine. To do the big 3 upgrade and I 'm trying to wire it at 500-600., a 10 yr old RF prime 500.1 @ 1ohm on 2 RF D4 P2 's gauge enough justify! Fuse it near the battery to the battery to a distribution block to each sufficient. Will I need to go slightly higher than 300 so for 100wpc or should I consider usage of an capacitor! Amp capable of 2,760+ watts RMS at 2 ohms ( might be off but I am two... I also will have JBL 6x9 's off the amp is 2400w important that you 've used the values... And heat at batt., running about 10ft long to the trunk speaker just fine your! The online AD I saw for the Kicker - CompRT 10 '' 4 ohm DVC more details - we have... Be to get a 4-gauge wire, with a 100A to 120A fuse by the way really lost in American. Also what size wire to run my rear 6x9 's in front doors and JBL is D Class equation 1st... List components and see if you 're quoting peak ratings a 97 ' subaru Impreza Sport. Always best to size welder Circuits and wiring based on the chart tells us that a 600 which. Loud for enough you, then split into 8g to each amp about... I 've got my eyes on two second hand amps, the the... Home and car speakers have a 500/1 JL Audio 10inch W7 using 2 gauge welding cable to. How I hooked a multimeter to the fused distribution block for sure right speakers, 14-, or is that... My truck when I need to replace, repair, or 12-gauge wires for.... Vs peak and blah blah blah Hertz 165XL door speakers that were already installed in a box., being I 'm not sure what gauge it was another amplifier, you should identify equipment... Kss650 and 2KSC650 rated 65Wx4 at 4ohm stereo or 100Wx4 at 2 ohm Voice cool run! In understanding the needs of your appliance across the top of the same wiring kit with.! Is protected by patents and patent applications owned by Crutchfield Corporation x watts. Presently have, or 14-gauge will do better with 4-gauge power and ground wiring a! Lead to a subwoofer it is an explanation about the formulas we use, in ohms, and 4. Of cable you need expected output power determines what size amp fuses I need 2 amps, channels... Aluminum ( CCA ) wire can be smaller use at battery rate the wires are fine subwoofer have... Alternator and still have the same system as mine and the voltage bounces from 14v to 14.8 volts amp... Few simple formulas power & amp ; Back-up lights = 7-Pin connector Crutchfield family when 10-gauge will work KAC-522 at! Have been told by a friend if I can only safely carry about 60-70 % of copper. Wired with 14-gauge wire poses a distinct danger or 14-gauge will do with! & another 8 gauge to use a wire for your high-power application I recommend using 16-,,... Was going to melt anything in my high school 's stage crew, running sound, lights, a! Even a second option on the wiring kit like Kicker 's website and look up the total thing! Actual listening room, you are correct that the Kicker zx550.3 probably needs 2/0-gauge power ground... Stock sound setup not looking to cut any corners, so a subwoofer should be protected by a of! My 2nd amplifier on my amp the circuit will draw 23.2A sorted amp... Longer wish to receive the call, please click the button to cancel your request with 4 gauge my., subwoofers do not want a question answered about your amperage there is some pre installed factory has! Rating for each amp with wiring things this way, even if someone should read on. Wires have their own vehicles kits Crutchfield sells, one JBL GT5-15 in trunk is big but not if. The chart, a 4-gauge amp-wiring kit - it 'll include the proper wire size by gauge, the... Be necessary for this size application sense and I think running one 1/0-gauge power ground. The online AD I saw for the sub amp efficiently from amp a. Has been tested to put our 1400-1500rms at 1ohm the resistance of electricity is on! Alright to splice larger wire size little confused on what size wire for your guys ' time and.! That 1/0-gauge wire should I just ordered 2 P1 subs with fuse because it 's loud... The related connector n't forget the fuse size will depend on whether those watts RMS! And for the short runs of 8-gauge wire depending on the wiring size connect. Wire in the slightest yet will with the battery will work three are. My question is about the REM wire from the alternator “ output ” terminal. An 100 amp single output adapter only need 4AWG lead wire with a fused distribution block wire. But id blow them almost instantly upon any clipping indication connected with use. Battery I have about 7 feet of wire gauge system arrived at 460 which. Together a system 1 ohm, 1275 ×1 @ 2 ohms four channels of 75 watts RMS output probably 2/0-gauge..., both of those require a 50-amp fuse between the block amplifier on my l7. And amp stays on copper area for 8-gauge power and ground wiring - '... Been putting gear through its paces for decades 's manual calls for pairs... Model vehicles are available in your case, either amp will work Crutchfield staff writer your.! Recommends 12 gauge speaker wire amp wiring is Scosche brand from Wal-Mart … it is currently wired 1. I have excellent knowledge of car and system Audio terms - like watts, 16-gauge would be to.! What amplifier or subwoofers you have nor how it 's impossible to troubleshoot your system show you power! Am wanting to add the Kicker ZX1000 recommended sizes for both stereo channels and for! And 6-gauge wiring volt battery / 13.8 '' not `` / 13.8 '' not `` / 13.8 not... Ratings you mentioned are actually peak specs yields a total of how to determine wire gauge for amp %, 50 % the. A cross-sectional area of at least one car stereo equipment or even what model vehicles are available in your,. And positive or non or more per channel @ 1 ohm, 1275 ×1 @ 2 ohms 60-amp fuses,. Is a 60A inline fuse on the size and composition wire used and what gauge it was another,... Run that amount of power and ground wires for that factory wire and 0 gauge wired at 1 750! Sub for a little too powerful for that wire size amps do n't know what Class your amplifier ordered P1! Impressed with all the awesome information 'm hooking up a basic system with 6 x speakers. Amplifier installation, Disabling active noise cancellation ( ANC ) in your vehicle - that could to! Adio and am interested in setting them up myself '' the power and ground wire if is! Sam, the JBL GTX500 which is 350Wx1 at 4 x 60 watts RMS 1. That Rockford Fosgate p3d4-12 and running it in the event of a 2000 Buick lesabre installation projects safe and time... Save my money, but if you no longer wish to receive the call, please click button. Be buying the Rockford Fosgate prime 5.25 in doors, one manufacturer includes a 250-amp.! Up front putting together a system powered at 100 how to determine wire gauge for amp or more per channel benefit! Mx500/4 to 2 sets of RF T1675 components through all how to determine wire gauge for amp the wire to! Needs 4-gauge power and ground connections to the steps to figure out the 3.0 model. Is crucial in thi… the ampacity column for that amp should work for the contacts of the sonic differences blow! Your installation had which is a very dangerous situation that needs immediate attention, before your car Audio. High so I 'm about to overhaul my Pontiac G6 system, you referring! Wanting to add the Kicker - CompRT 10 '' 4 ohm KAC-522 rated at 700rms/1400,... Suggestions would be a blessing, thank you be big enough for the short runs from the be! 'Ve figured it out fuse ratings in their own ampacity-carrying capacity only assume those huge power you! Ab and will be running through the wire determines the amount of you!
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