1. Lidl 11. Morrisons Sweet and Salty rice cakes, 1.5 syns each. Aldi Slimming World Syns. A list of low syn crisps ranging from 2.5-7 syns which can be enjoyed on the slimming world plan. . N.B. Slimming world. Posted 15/01/2016. Bolognese, pesto, tuna… the topping pasta-bilities are endless !Ni... cola (nicthroughthelookingglass on Instagram), who’s lost a brilliant 1st 13.5lbs, stirred a fulfilling Food Optimising-friendly chilli into her fusilli and spicy courgettes .Share your favourite ways to top store-cupboard saviours, like pasta and rice, in the comments below . Calories in Pom-Bear Salt & Vinegar Flavour Potato Snacks 6 x 15g. Reply. All of these are totally OK if the Syns are counted, but I didn't count I just ate. Pom-Bear Crisps 8. Snack a jacks bags varying syns from 4-6 syns a bag. From Walkers, Tayto, KP Snacks to supermarket brands such as Aldi, Lidl, Asda and Tesco. Don't dismiss these as a savoury snack. Aldi Slimming World Syns Slimming World Shopping List Slimming World Sweets Slimming World Survival Slimming World Syn Values Slimming World Diet Plan Slimming World Dinners Slimming World Recipes Syn … libertytmk. Pom bears are 4.5 syns. Ooooooo I love the sound of the banoffee pie, I'll be trying that later x. 207. Snacks – hot chocolate, melon, Kit Kat, pom bears, toast with marmite and blackberries; Healthy Extra A – 350ml skimmed milk; Healthy Extra B – 3 slices Kingsmill Wholemeal No Crusts bread; Total Syns 17.5 = hot chocolate 2 syns, Yorkshire pudding x 2 4 syns, bisto gravy 2 syns, Kit Kat 5.5 syns, pom bears 4 syns KP Snack Crisps Per pack (15g) - 79 calories | 4.1 fat. – As a rule of thumb, if you are unable to find the crisps you are looking for below you can use 20 kcal = 1 Syn to find out how many Syns they are. Snack a jacks jumbo varying from 2-3 syns each. Calories in Pom-Bear Cheese & Onion Multipack Crisps 5 Pack. GOLDEN WONDER. I also had a chocolate biscuit, a couple of chocolate coins (I found them in the cupboard and I have no resistance once I've already broken the rules) and a packet of Pom Bear crisps. Other answer asside . Space Raiders are the lowest I've found at 3 syns for an 18g bag. French Fries, Pom Bears, Wotsits are all 4.5 syns I believe Be aware of the syn values of the calorific and high fat things you enjoy and keep this at the back of your mind. Mini packs of chocolate buttons are 4.5 syns. Posted 15/01/2016. . Reply. May 14, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Dale Timson. Low syn rice cakes. For example, I know that a medium glass of my favourite white wine is 7 syns. Aldi 10. Saved by Dale Timson. Hiya! Discover (and save!) You’re welcome. briony321. Per 13g Pack - … your own Pins on Pinterest I like them because you can let eat one melt in your mouth so it takes ages to eat. If I have a glass I inevitably fancy a bag of crisps, so go for a bag of Pom bears, as they are one of the lowest crisps at 4 syns … Snack a Jacks 9. Asda Read below to find out the tastiest, low Syn crisps that contain 7 Syns or below around. Golden Wonder Awesome Oinks, Bacon Corn Snacks (22g bag) – 5.5 Syns Golden Wonder Bacon Grills, Maize & Rice Snacks (18g bag) – 4.5 Syns Golden Wonder Chunky Cheesies (13g bag) – 3.5 Syns Golden Wonder Crisps, Cheese & Onion (32.5g bag) – 8.5 Syns Golden Wonder Crisps, Pickled Onion (32.5g bag) – 8.5 Syns Golden Wonder Crisps, Prawn Cocktail (32.5g bag) – 8.5 Syns Other low syn savoury Slimming World snack ideas Pom bear crisps are 3.5 syns for a 13g bag, 4 for a 15g bag and 5 for a 19g bag.