In addition to the benefits listed above, organic mulch enriches the soil as it breaks down. Landscape Supply, Inc. creates and sells only the finest, most eco-friendly landscape materials to help you show off your lawn, walkways, gardens, and more! Compost is a mulch that excels at adding organic matter to the soil. Whether new beginners or experienced gardeners, we all love using mulch to control persistent weeds! It is a budget-friendly option you can till into the soil if you redesign your landscape in the future. Pick up and delivery services available as well as contractor pricing to suit your business needs. Landscape fabric — also known as geotextile — comes in rolls. Available in brown, black and red, this mulch can create eye-catching combinations in your landscape. Without mulch in your garden, you’ve got bare dirt, which is an open invitation for weeds to take hold. Consider using shredded wood or pine needles, which knits together, helping the mulch stay in place. If some of the fines get mixed in, it just adds valuable organic matter. It’s highly suitable for use around flowers and vegetables. See Landscape Edging Ideas to learn about different types of edging. Environmentally Conscious Weed Management WeedGuardPlus offers vegetable growers and gardeners premium weed control without chemical herbicides or synthetic landscape fabric. For deliveries outside of the immediate area, additional mileage charges will apply. WELCOME TO MISSOURI ORGANIC RECYCLING! Organic mulch is any type of mulch that was once living. It effectively reduces weeds and retains moisture with minimal need for replacement, but it doesn't provide any nutritional benefits to the soil. Long Leaf Pine Needles (up to 3200 sq ft Coverage), NuScape 37.5-cu ft Green Bulk Rubber Mulch (Ipema Certified), NuScape 37.5-cu ft Red Bulk Rubber Mulch (Ipema Certified), EnviroColor 32-oz 4Evergreen Grass and Turf Paint, Scotts Color Enhanced Mulch 1.5-cu ft Classic Black Blend Mulch, Preen 2-cu ft Midnight Black Mulch Plus Weed Control, Garden Time 2-cu ft All-natural Reddish Color Mulch, Royal Gardens Mulch 3-cu ft Natural Dark Brown Mulch, Royal Gardens Mulch 2-cu ft Natural Dark Brown Hardwood Bark Mul, Royal Gardens Mulch 2-cu ft Natural Golden Cypress Cypress Blend, Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page. This 100% natural ground cover can be used by both pros and DIYers. It helps loosen compacted clay soil, adding rich organic material that provides the perfect balance of moisture retention and aeration for strong root growth and bigger, more-lush plants. In addition to adding extraordinary color design to landscaping, The Brown, Black, and Red mulch is made from recycled wood just as the Premium 1. Properly-used colored mulch is absolutely safe and ecologically sound. This is an oak shredded mulch that's light in color and uniform in size. TANK’S PRO “COCO-SOIL” POTTING MIX. Order Landscape Mulch Also available in bags, find retail locations near … TANK'S PRO POTTING MIX READ MORE. To find the best mulch for your garden or landscape, determine what you need it to do. In wet climates, organic mulches may hold too much moisture. Plastic sheeting prevents air and water from reaching the soil. Find mulch at Lowe's today. The roots can become enmeshed in the fabric, making removal difficult. Straw also comes in bales and its light weight makes it easy to transport but a challenge to spread evenly on a windy day. Controls weeds while feeding the soil. Other mulch will make soil more alkaline, which works well for most plants that don’t need acidic soil. Wood mulch is created with organic matter like cedar, cypress or pine bark, and nourishes your garden beds as it breaks down. Compost is decomposed organic matter (leaves, small tree limbs, food waste, manure) which when added to the soil improves it’s fertility and supports beneficial microbes, insects, fungi and bacteria in the soil. Organic mulch does many good things for your soil and plants. This product is made entirely from tree trimmings, logs, and wood chips. View the rates on the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center price sheet. City residents can get up to 30 gallons of free organic materials. | Privacy Policy, ENTER YOUR CELL NUMBER TO GET SMS ALERTS AND COUPONS, Missouri Organic Recycling , 7700 E US Highway 40, Kansas City, MO, 64129. FOREST MULCH: Forest mulch is a recycled wood product great for slopes, hills, and any landscape area. Heavy rain can wash some mulch away, especially on slopes. A mulch for every purpose. Please check your email to confirm and complete your subscription. You can find shredded wood mulch made from a variety of tree species. Constant texture and color make this a great organic mulch for all your annual and perennial beds. If you use plastic on slopes, material placed on top can easily wash away. Thank you for subscribing. Mulch is available in bags, and depending on the type of mulch and location, may also be available in bulk. It lacks the pleasing appearance of other mulch and isn't a top choice for landscaping, but as a garden mulch, weed-free straw helps protect plants from rot caused by fungus and disease. This is a clean and easy way to have your mulch placed in raised beds, or bulk mulch applied to your playgrounds, or … This is a high-quality eastern red cedar mulch that's perfect for flower beds. Mulch stops water from evaporating. This 100% natural ground cover can be used by professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers. The needles interweave, helping to keep the material in place and making it stable in heavy rain. Acts as a good underlayment for organic or rock mulch. For this reason, it’s better suited than pine bark to use on sloped areas and can help control soil erosion. Colored mulch does an excellent job of suppressing weeds. Pine bark nuggets are light and can wash away during heavy rain, particularly if you use them on slopes. Compost is a mulch that excels at adding organic matter to the soil. All organic mulches break down and improve your soil. You can create walkways with mulch. It's good for long-term use, but be sure to remove any weeds that grow on top of it as soon as you see them. The area you can cover with a particular amount of mulch depends on the type of mulch and the desired depth. Some types of mulch work well as loose-fill material under swing sets and playsets. Why come to Lone Star Mulch and Compost? Wood chips (free through December 2020). Natural mulch is extremely beneficial for a garden, but with so many types of natural mulch, which is the best choice for your garden? Eliminate the dump truck, the mess and all the hard work moving bulk mulch. Mulched areas can create borders around sidewalks, driveways, patios and pools to set the features off from your lawn. It decomposes quickly, so you need to replace it more often than other mulch. Pine needles — also called pine straw — come in bales, which makes them relatively easy to transport and spread. Apply wood mulch yearly to ensure consistent coverage. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Benefits of Organic Mulch. This article will provide tips for choosing the best organic mulch. Premium 1 is a good alternative to higher priced wood chips – giving you function and aesthetics at about half the price. Mulch helps prevent weeds and retain moisture in your garden. Here are some tips for how to use mulch colors. Mulch Prices. Keep brick and stone pieces out of the lawn, where they can become mowing hazards. Problem is, unless you live on a farm, most mulch must be purchased and can significantly increase the cost of raising food. So get ready to put down some organic mulch! Think about how you’ll keep the mulch in place and need to replenish if it breaks down over time. We can blow mulch as an edging for paved areas. Lone Star Mulch and Compost LLC has been making and supplying mulch for more than 25 years in Elgin, TX and servicing Bastrop, Austin and central Texas. Landscape Fabric: Specially treated to resist rotting. Some wood mulch is made up of large pieces, which looks better around trees and shrubs than in beds with small plants. The depth you need varies by the mulch type and how you use it. Organic mulch can be created from yard waste. Pine bark increases the acidity of the soil as it breaks down, so it works well for plants that need acidic conditions. You can also add Gromulch on top of the soil around trees and shrubs as nutrient-rich organic mulch… Tank’s Green Stuff Compost is OMRI-Listed Organic. Fortunately, organic gardeners have a wide-ranging choice of mulch materials, each contributing a special set of benefits: Dry leaves. We are not responsible for driveway damage. It doesn't compact as much as other types of mulch, allowing water to reach the soil more easily, and its sponge-like consistency helps retain moisture. From making a pebble path to filling in around stepping stones with a wood mulch, you can add a dramatic, functional touch to your landscape. Read Landscaping With Mulch for more tips on how to apply mulch. In general, a couple of inches of fine mulch can work well, but you may need 3 to 4 inches of coarser material. There are many types of organic mulch, here are just a few: Shredded or chipped bark. It's also perfect for flower beds and tree bases, walking paths, and under Jungle gyms and swing sets. Woody mulches do not mix well with soil and it can be a nuisance to move it to make way for planting. Take a look at Lawn Alternatives for more ideas. It offers growers a high-quality, cost-effective replacement for plastic mulches. Adding more mulch on top of the fabric achieves better weed control. High-quality and cost-effective, their opaque cellulose fiber paper mulch provides superior durability for landscaping and long-term weed suppression. Hollins Organic Products, Inc. is a Baltimore, Maryland based manufacturer and distributor of mulches, top soils, composts, and other landscaping products. Straw is a common mulch for newly seeded lawns, where it helps protect the seed from birds and rodents. Our NYSDEC-permitted compost sites allow recycling of green waste and production of the highest quality soils and m Think about the foliage and blossoms of your plants, as well as the color of your home. Homegrown mulch is wonderful, but so is other locally-sourced mulch. TANK’S 100% ORGANIC COMPOST. Organic mulch keeps the soil underneath it shaded. When using landscape treatments or products, always follow package directions regarding proper clothing, protective equipment, application and safety precautions. Laying pine straw costs $1.50 per cubic foot, $3 per bag, or $40 per cubic yard. COMPOSTED ORGANIC MULCH READ MORE. Explore other popular stores near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Some organic mulch is regional and only available in certain locations. Plastic is available in black or transparent sheeting. Businesses can buy: Screened leaf compost. However, this rich medium provides good growing conditions for weeds. Cedar Grove, an industry leading environmental solutions company, harnesses the vitality of organic waste by recycling it into innovative products. While different colors of mulch can add beauty to your landscape, when the mulch is new and wet, the color can transfer to your hands, clothes or surfaces, such as concrete or decking. Like landscape fabric, you need to secure plastic to the ground to keep it in place. Premium 1 is composted to at temperatures maintained in excess of 55 degrees Celsius. WeedGuardPlus is a natural weed-controlling vegetable and garden mulch made from cellulose fibers. Mulch installation prices typically range from $0.20 to $0.60 per square foot, depending on the type, or an average of $0.35 per square foot.The cost of mulch for an average-sized garden of 500 square feet will run you around $175, with most homeowners spending between $100 and $300.This includes a three-inch layer of mulch, as well as the labor for installation. Pine needles are long-lasting and work well in large, naturally landscaped areas. Too little mulch won't be beneficial, but too much can harm your plants. With complete commercial mulch services and residential mulch services for the Chicago area, Organic Solutions, Inc., is the premier organic mulch supplier for the Chicago suburbs. Many mulch applications benefit from edging to contain the material. Affordable Mulch & Landscape Supply Co. is here for you for all of your landscape material needs. Remember that color options aren’t confined to organic mulch. We can bring mulch in our Finn blower truck and install up to 150 feet from the truck. The uses of mulch extend beyond beautifying and protecting your plants and trees. The natural colors of organic mulch include browns and reddish browns, but the colors fade as the mulch weathers. Pine bark nuggets are an excellent organic mulch that lasts longer than most mulches, but will wash away in heavy rain. Like pine bark, they’re a good choice for use around plants that need more acidic soil. However, as it decomposes and settles, it needs replenishing. Mulching suppresses weeds and retains soil moisture for less-frequent waterings. We have all of your material needs. 7700 E US Hwy 40Kansas City, MO 64129(816) 483-0908, 11660 N. Main StreetKansas City, MO 64155(816) 888-7945, 1815 N. Chouteau TrafficwayKansas City, MO 64120(816) 888-7941, 10301 Raytown RoadKansas City, MO 64134(816) 888-7959, 1260 Alma StreetKansas City, KS 66103 (913) 521-2530. 9901 Custer Road | Plano, TX 75025 | Ph: 972-769-4150 | Customer Service Wood mulch has a visually pleasing texture and color. There are some problems associated with the use of organic mulch, but many of these can be controlled or easily remedied. Use decomposed, seasoned material to reduce your plants' exposure to toxins, acidic substances and fungal contamination. (978) 212-3280 Organic Mulch & Landscape Supply of New England is your local manufacturer of mulch, compost and loam as well as a large supplier of rock salt and ice melt. TGS is an organic soil amendment, perfect for gardens, flower beds, grass, or. See our Outdoor Playset Guide for more information. The colorants used by Missouri Organics Recycling are pure oxide pigments – natural components of the soil, oxide pigments account, on average, for 5% of the Earth's crust. Mulch is similar to compost, but usually just contains decomposed tree and shrub material. Piling mulch too deeply also encourages root growth in the mulch rather than the ground, creating a root system that's more vulnerable to cold and drought. Rubber mulch is a natural-looking alternative to wood mulch. Compost! If you're interested in reducing the size of your lawn, stone and rubber mulch can replace areas of grass, while improving the variety of your landscape. Wet mulch can compact and mat down, attracting rodents or encouraging growth of fungus and mold. They don't blow or wash away like some organic mulch and are available in a variety of textures and colors, including: There are some additional considerations with rocks, pebbles and nuggets. This type of mulch is used by daycares and schools as a neutral ground cover to help reduce impact from falls. It’s highly suitable for use around flowers and vegetables. Bark mulches are best used where there will be minimal digging, such as around trees, shrubs and walkways. Perfect for trees, shrubs and existing beds. Bulk mulch delivery is available for a small $70 fee if you're in Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Lenexa, Olathe, Overland park, Grandview, Leawood, Shawnee, Belton, Raytown, or anywhere in the Kansas City Metro area. We currently accept dumping of clean loamy fill. Inorganic mulch comes in a variety of colors, including red brick nuggets and lava rock, white marble and brown, black red and even green rubber mulch. Don’t store or stack the mulch on sidewalks, driveways, decks, etc., and wear gloves when spreading the mulch. : Organic Recycling is the #1 source for premium bulk, topsoil, mulch & landscape supplies, serving Rockland, Bergen, Orange and Westchester County in addition to all NYC boroughs. We also offer Mulch installation in the Kansas City area. Mulch with added color gives you more design options and longer-lasting color. We're also an organic compost supplier with several types of compost for sale. This mulch is light in color, with a blended red hardwood made from slab cedar sourced from Arkansas Mills, and carries a pleasant cedar scent. It decomposes relatively slowly so it's long-lasting, but slow decomposition means it won't add nutrients to the soil as readily as some other types. This is a great choice for gardens and beds where you will be working the soil for another season of planting. You'll need to secure it to the ground. It includes things like wood chips, bark and straw. You must provide moisture to plants with an irrigation system underneath the material or by hand-watering. Explore other popular Home Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Herbivore manure. This is our most popular mulch by far. Our certified organic mulch is recycled from 100% green waste and ground to be the perfect size for your needs. This adds a decorative high end touch to any landscape. Our dazzling mulches, bright crushed stones and hearty cobblestones will win over any landscaping critic. Durable as well as weather- and color-stable. Brick, pebbles and stone offer a neat appearance. This quality control procedure helps to ensure that the product contains no harmful pathogens, diseases, or weeds. Eliminate the dump truck, the mess and all the hard work moving bulk mulch. Inorganic mulch doesn't degrade. This heat can be harmful to some plants. 816-483-0908. Weeds sometimes poke through, but overall, fabric is effective at weed control. Don't pile mulch directly against plants, shrubs or trees; pull it back an inch or two. We recycle 350,000 tons of residential and commercial yard and food waste every year. We also specialize in milling quality hardwood reclaimed from area tree removals. However, this rich medium provides good growing conditions for … Mulch that touches stems and trunks can cause rot and provide shelter from which pests can feed. Organic mulch can also lighten the texture of the dense clay soil, frequently found in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, which makes it easier for your roots to grow. Black material blocks light, while transparent material allows light through and can allow weeds to germinate and grow under the surface. We are proud of our commitment to all of our customers that continue to make our success possible and look forward to … Pine bark offers a long-lasting, dark color. Shop mulch and a variety of lawn & garden products online at Residents who want more than 30 gallons must buy the extra material. Applying organic mulch imitates the nutrient cycle of plant decomposition that occurs in nature. While the two types are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, each have been used for aesthetic reasons and have their own sets of advantages. Natural mulches are the most economical and green way to finish and add color to landscaping projects. Mulch and Eco-Friendly Products & Service. Learn about different organic and inorganic types of mulch, mulch colors and how to find the best mulch for your garden or landscape. Mulch retains moisture in the soil so you don’t need to water … In addition to prepackaged mulch in brown, black and red, you can create mulch colors using DIY mulch dyes. This is a premium Cedar that will last longer and help with pest serpersion. It also deters insect pests from laying eggs and is good for winter protection of perennials, strawberries and small plants. Repurposing surplus plant matter is a great way to use material that would otherwise be treated as waste. Some natural mulch will make your soil more acidic. MISSOURI ORGANIC RECYCLING | 7700 E US HWY 40 | KANSAS CITY, MO 64129 | (816) 483-0908, © 2019 MISSOURI ORGANIC RECYCLING. Forget your usual drab concrete walkways and blah-looking mulches-- Go Green! Whether you are re-mulching your flower beds, putting in a new garden or adding a gravel addition to your driveway. The most common benefits of mulch are available with any type: If you also want mulch to benefit your plants as it breaks down, find an appealing organic mulch that works with your plants and landscape. It also releases aluminum, so it’s a perfect mulch for hydrangeas.