On current fleet, Qantas operates 8 wide-body jumbo-jet aircraft Boeing 747-400 aka “Queen of The Skies”. In total, 65 units of the type have been in the carrier’s fleet. The final Qantas 747 departure from Australia left Sydney Wednesday afternoon for Los Angeles. On Thursday, 26th March, a Qantas Boeing 747-400ER performed a flypast over Sydney Harbour before landing. IFN.news requires cookies in order to work with an optimal user experience. Airbus A330-200 In all, Qantas has operated 65 747s, taking delivery of 57 new 747s from Boeing, purchasing three 747-400s secondhand and operating five leased aircraft at various points. So, if Qantas needs the cash now why not arrange a sort of ‘pay now, deliver later’ approach for the sale. Qantas retires entire Boeing 747 fleet. When Qantas’ first 747-238B was delivered to Sydney in 1971 it plugged Australia, the most distant of all continents, into the world map at last. Joyce said the Australian … [read more]. The … [read more], Berlin’s newly opened Brandenburg Airport is currently operating at around 10 percent, in terms of passenger numbers, compared to the previous year. Copyright © 2018-2020 International Flight Network (IFN) | Using content from IFN.news without permission is forbidden. Due to the coronavirus crisis and worldwide grounding of Qantas international flying, the last six Qantas 747s will be going to storage and face uncertainty whether it will return to flying. The 747 half bar cart complete with drinks and an amenity kit. An Interview With the First Black African Captain at Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines To Offer New Short Haul Economy Class Meal Concept, Hong Kong – Singapore Travel Bubble to Launch on 22nd November, Air Djibouti Boeing 737 Suffers Gear Collapse During Landing, British Airways B747-400 Saved For Future Generations, Antonov An-124 Runs Off Runway in Siberia After Dual Failures, TikTok User Cooks a Steak in a Plane Lavatory, My Aviation Collection + Thanksgiving Giveaway, Qantas To Operate Non-Stop Flight Between Europe and Australia. Your email address will not be published. If you never got to fly on the upper deck of the Qantas Boeing 747, you've missed your chance for good. Join 70,000+ others by subscribing to Sam Chui's weekly newsletter and be inspired by latest Aviation & Travel reviews and breaking deals! But please stop prematurely reporting false information without the actual facts. With VH-OEJ operating a set of flights from Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra for fans of the type. 747 Aviation News Photography Qantas 8 Comments Australian flag carrier Qantas is storing the remaining five Boeing 747 from their fleet this weekend. Qantas passengers to require proof of Covid-19 vaccination, CEO says, Volga-Dnepr Airlines confirms grounding of Antonov An-124, Korean Air set to acquire Asiana Airlines, Lufthansa is serious about the leisure market, How AirBaltic is transforming its fleet and accelerating deliveries, Airbus A380 turns 15 with most on the ground. Before heading across the Pacific, VH-OEJ took to the sky over Sydney to leave a special message. Today’s departure marks the end of the Qantas 747 fleet’s 49 years of service. qantas airways boeing 747-400 fleet. Qantas has brought forward the final flight dates for its beloved fleet of 747 jets after nearly 50 years of service with the airline.. A QANTAS Boeing 747 flies extremely low past buildings and industrial sites on its final approach to the city's airport, in Sydney. Nice way to arrive back home. Also I think it’s a fair bet that 1000’s of people were planning to fly with Qantas over the next several months so they could enjoy the beautiful Queen for the last time, willing to pay extra for it. “The 747 has been a magnificent aircraft and it’s fitting that we celebrate the end of five decades of history-making moments for the national carrier and … Awesome photos Sam! Wish you would link all the pics above with the full-size, HD photos. Qantas’s Boeing 747-400 fleet is down to half a dozen airframes following the withdrawal of VH-OJU Lord Howe Island. Qantas Boeing 747-400’s operate on selected routes including between Brisbane and Los Angeles, Los Angeles and New York, Sydney and Los Angeles. The Boeing 747-400 became the signature Qantas plane of the modern era. Great experience to fly with Qantas, great crews. Qantas formally retired the 747 from its fleet on the 22/7/20. I’m reliably informed that the fleet was sold some time ago in early/mid 2019. Of all the aircraft retirements, there was never going to be one as significant as the last Qantas 747. They retired their Real 747s (SP’s) a relatively long-time ago. But as we take delivery of the next generation of long haul aircraft, the Jumbo Jets are set to leave our fleet by the end of 2020. The 747 has no direct replacement in its fleet in terms of capacity, but that may change with Project Sunrise, when the airline wants to introduce Airbus A350-1000 into its fleet. Such a beautiful piece of aviation history in that airplane..! He is also a musician and tour guide. A Flight on a Comlux 767BBJ Private Jet, An Interview With A Female Boeing 747 Pilot from The Netherlands. Disclaimer. Australia's biggest airline is getting ready to bid farewell to its fleet of Boeing 747 passenger jets sooner than previously planned. Learn how your comment data is processed. Qantas PR never came out with a definitive statement. Here is a photo tribute to Qantas B747 from his collection. The final flight is set to be QF28 from Santiago de Chile to Sydney on Sunday. And it … Qantas operated a total of 65 747 aircraft including the 747-100, 747-200, 747-SP, 747-300, 747-400 and the 747-400ER and each had specific capabilities such as increased thrust engines and increased takeoff weight to allow longer range operations. Though let’s be honest, it would probably not raise all the required funds. I would absolutely contribute to a crowdfunding initiative to provide the necessary funds to reverse this decision, so long as it was approved by Qantas. Beautiful pics of such a historic aircraft. 'One World' and '2012 Olympic Team' livery Visit Business Insider Australia’s homepage for more stories. Qantas is planning the retirement of their B747 fleet at the end of 2020. It is not an ideal situation for all of us including many of us who love the 747. In 1979, Qantas became the first airline to operate an all Boeing 747 fleet. Qantas has been an operator of the Boeing 747 since 1971 when it received the 747-200, and has operated every version of the aircraft except for the 747-8. Withdrawn QANTAS Boeing 747-438 VH-OJU positioned Los Angeles – Moses Lake as QF6021 this morning where it will undergo conversion into a flying testbed for Rolls Royce. All up, Qantas has operated about 30 of them. Oct 15, 2019. Qantas, celebrating their centenary this year, has been flying international since before WW2 and was operating round the world (by flying to London via Asia/Europe and via the Pacific, San Francisco and New York) with 707s by 1959 (the transatlantic leg ended in the early 1970s). Thanks for your feedback. Cookies help us deliver our services. After retiring its fleet of Boeing 747s, the Australian airline decided to sell off the bar carts that once rode aboard the Queen of the Skies. With the effects of the worldwide coronavirus still playing out, hopefully the sunset of the 747 doesn’t mark the sunset of Boeing as well. Many of those people will go with alternative airlines that are cheaper or just won’t fly at all. The last Qantas 747 flight to London was in 2010 and to California was San Francisco in early December 2019, squeezed out by the A380 and B787. Sam Chui has fond memories of photographing many Qantas B747 at Sydney during his college years. Farewell 3am fuel stops in the Persian Gulf, hello fourteen hour nonstop sectors; such as Singapore to London and Sydney to Los Angeles. I was privileged, some time back, to be in the jump seat for the approach and landing into Melbourne after joining the flight in Bangkok. Most former 747 routes have been replaced with … The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) was given a special 'wing wave' by a Qantas 747 this afternoon as the last of the airline's functioning fleet left Australia. Most former 747 routes have been replaced with Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. Regardless, the Jumbos won’t get many hours while this crisis is going on, so holding off until the original retirement date (or a few months later than it) shouldn’t reduce the sale value significantly. Four weeks into operations, it is now taking further action … [read more], Qantas will soon require its passengers to show proof of a vaccination against Covid-19, its CEO Alan Joyce said on Monday in a television interview with Channel 9. Japan Airlines B777 Suffers In-Flight Engine Failure, Flying The Newly Certified American Airlines B737 MAX, The 2020 Emirates A380 First Class Experience, This is Luxury! Double decker bus tours of Europe – getting drunk in Munich and getting high in Amsterdam. The 747-400ER could fly 500 nm / 925 km farther than the standard -400 model, and it allowed Qantas to operate Melbourne to Los Angeles flights with a fully loaded aircraft, where the conventional 747-400 would have had to operate with restricted weights for such a distance. Qantas retired its last standard Boeing 747-400 in October 2019. Qantas has had a varied fleet since the airline's inception. The company experimented across the board when it came to the 747’s variants. Qantas sells 1000 fully stocked bar carts as COVID grounds 747 fleet. By using this website, you confirm that you accept our Privacy Policy. Everything posted on this website is for information purposes only. Qantas fleet details and history. All hail the queen! Share this article: Qantas will send its last two Boeing 747 jumbo jets on their final flight next … All of this was because of the 747. It comes after Qantas flew its last Boeing 747 in July. He is a regular features writer for Airliner World, Aviation News, FlyPast and Airways, and has appeared on CNN, BBC and other media. However, Qantas retiring all Jumbos with 2 days notice is a poor handling of the situation in my opinion. Really bummed this is happening already! Qantas’ first 747-400, nicknamed Longreach (not only for the range of the new bird but Qantas’ founding town in remote outback Queensland), flew the then-world’s longest flight, from London to Sydney, on August 17th 1988, arriving over the harbour with a couple of hours of fuel still on tap. No locked flight deck doors in 1993 !!. Qantas 747 Fleet Captain Owen Weaver said the 747 has a special place in the hearts of many Australians. Qantas has outdone them all. However the fares were out of the reach of everyone but captains of industry, movie stars and diplomats. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 747 SP’s were actually flown/piloted & flight-engineered by Real-men who actually earned their paychecks with Real-jobs (very-demanding jobs). From previous reading I also understand that a deal between GE and Qantas for the sale of the remaing Jumbos has been on the table for some time. Boeing 707 and Boeing 747-200 at Longreach's Qantas Founders Outback Museum. Sep 25, 2020 – 7.40am ... Qantas has already sold 10,000 sets of … (CNN) — Qantas may have retired its Boeing 747 fleet, but for aviation enthusiasts already missing the "Queen of the Skies" the Australian airline offered up something to sweeten the deal. The 747 has been a faithful partner to Qantas for nearly five decades. Today, on the International Civil Aviation Day, the organizer of the Paris Air Show (PAS) announced its decision to cancel the 2021 event, citing the current health crisis and related uncertainties. By using our services, … Instead, we're reflecting on the Captain Cook lounge of the original Qantas Boeing 747, as the era of the Qantas jumbo jet – which began in 1971, lasting just shy of 50 years – draws to a close with this year's retirement of the last Boeing 747s in the fleet. Qantas retired its last standard Boeing 747-400 in October 2019. Qantas is selling bar carts from its retired 747 fleet. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I flashed my United Nations ID card to get a flight deck visit and when I made a move to go back to my seat on the decent, the Captain invited me to stay.for the landing. Following its foundation shortly after the end of the First World War, the first aircraft to serve in the fleet was the Avro 504K, a small biplane.Starting with a delivery of seven Boeing 707 aircraft, [1] the airline's fleet entered the jet age in 1959. QANTAS Boeing 747-400 Fleet News History. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on Coronavirus and its impact on aviation. Trip Report: What’s Changed on Emirates Flight? Qantas Fleet of B747 (History) - Aviation website for aircraft and airline information (flight, … The following models were all part of the firm’s holdings. From other articles I’ve read about this, my understanding is they’ve all been sold to GE. How do Airlines Transport COVID Vaccines? The airline is also the sole customer of the (passenger) extended range variant 747-400ER, of which it operated six aircraft until its retirement now. Hopefully BA keeps their -400s flying after the pandemic ends. Alas, the toll of coronavirus COVID-19 has brought a halt to almost all air traffic worldwide; with a ground stop expected to last months. They were NOT essentially fully-automated show-ponies (very-much unlike the 300 & 400 series) . Cheers. I know the airline is facing hard times, but realistically GE can still be there to purchase after COVID is over. By David Flynn, June 25 2020. Sydney-born, London-based Charles Kennedy is an author of aviation books including Jetliners Of The Red Star, covering the history of air travel in the Soviet Union, and the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for the Boeing 707. Australian flag carrier Qantas is retiring the remaining five Boeing 747 from its fleet this weekend. QANTAS Boeing 747-400 Fleet Maintenance History Maintenance stops of 5 days or greater and all maintenance stops at outside bases since 2012. The airline merged with Australian Airlines, picked up smaller planes, went private, and had to be more selective about where they flew what. Qantas Fleet Boeing 747-400 Details and Pictures. Generations of Australians big overseas trips were on a Qantas 747, discovering neighbouring Asia and turning Singapore and Hong Kong into Aussie cities by association. Great photos Sam, as always. I’m unfortunately one of those people. Australian flag carrier Qantas is storing the remaining five Boeing 747 from their fleet this weekend. After 50 years of flying, Qantas' last remaining Boeing 747 passenger plane departed Australia for the final time on Wednesday and left a special message for everyone in the sky — a … The airline also operated Boeing 737-300, Boeing 747-200, Boeing 747SP, Boeing 747-300 and Boeing 767-200ER aircraft. Everyone else went by ship until the dawning of the age of the jumbo. Qantas operated Airbus A300B4 aircraft after its acquisition of Australian Airlines. Piloting includes fast jet experience on the MiG-15, Jet Provost and L-39 Albatross, as well as the Mustang and Harvard. Deutsche Aircraft to create Dornier 328 successor, Paris Air Show 2021 cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic, Ryanair places firm order for 75 more Boeing 737 MAX, Condor successfully leaves insolvency protection, Berlin Brandenburg Airport to close Terminal 5, southern runway. Fleet With access to the entire Qantas fleet, along with Jetstar, plus our global alliance and interline airline agreements, your freight can be delivered to just about any airport in the world. I do not know for sure, I’m just throwing ideas out there because surely there’s another way and I’m gutted by this. In 2014, Qantas retired its fleet of Boeing 737-400 aircraft, after the last scheduled service of the type on 23 February. He has collaborated with Sam Chui on Air 3 and Air 747, and with Guy Van Herbruggen on a three-volume history of the Flying Tiger Line, and a history of the MD-11. Your initial post quoting the jumbo jet has been retired by Qantas caused quite a stir within the industry…. The 747 has no direct replacement in its fleet in terms of capacity, but that may change with Project Sunrise, when the airline wants to introduce Airbus A350-1000 into its fleet. The news comes amid the global Coronavirus crisis which has hit the airline industry very hard, with passenger demand dropping to unprecedented levels as countries close borders and ban travel to and from their nations in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. Withdrawn QANTAS B747-400 VH-OJU Positions to Moses Lake for Rolls Royce Test Bed Conversion. By the 1990s, the Qantas fleet was diversifying. 1 The average fleet age is based on our own calculations and … Qantas retired its last Boeing 747 in July 2020 after almost 49 years of continuous operation—the first 747 was inducted in August 1971, while all 12 Airbus A380s were placed in storage (10 at Mojave Air & Space Port and 2 at Los Angeles International Airport) for a minimum of three years. It is uncertain how the COVID-19 will play out and there may be a risk to see these beloved 747 not returning to service from storage, which I hope not the case. There will be 1000 carts up for sale, which include champagne, red and white wine and Qantas pyjamas. Up to this minute the fate of these 747 are still uncertain pending how long the covid-19 will last and how the industry will respond. They know how many people love the Jumbo! There were many media include 2 major TV ch7 and ch9 in Australia reported this as retirement. And for a period between the retirement of its last 707 in March 1978 and the delivery of its first 767 in July 1985 Qantas even operated an all-747 fleet. After that, the Queen Of The Skies was supposed to enjoy an eighteen month victory lap on the Johannesburg, Tokyo and Santiago runs; followed by the biggest farewell party the aviation world has ever seen. When global mass transit kick starts again, however, one of the great combinations, Qantas and the 747, will be missing at Kingsford-Smith and destinations on three other continents. Later, Australia's cultural focus widened to include California. In England’s capital of London, Earls Court became known to Brits and Aussies alike as Kangaroo Valley. Source: Qantas Qantas has already sold 10,000 sets of pajamas, all snapped up within a … Angus Whitley. He has a particular focus on aircraft safety, accidents and technical details. Discover the types of aircraft in the Qantas Fleet with information on our Dreamliner 787-9, A380, A330 and B747's features and layout. Matt is a London-based writer and reporter for International Flight Network who has been involved in aviation from a very young age. Routes flown by the QANTAS Boeing 747-400ER fleet in the past 30 days including diverted, maintenance, positioning and charter flights. The retirement of Qantas’ Boeing 747 fleet sparked more public sympathy than any politician of the last 20 years’. Qantas’ 747 Farewell but then again there were other bloggers doing the same… again, great photos! 747 SP’s were Beautiful & Very-Respectable All-American Workhorses. The Boeing 747, also known as the Queen of the Skies, has been an integral part of the Qantas fleet for almost 50 years. The Qantas 747 fleet has carried more than 250 million people in almost half a century of service, including Queen Elizabeth II and every Australian Olympic team since 1984, said a … Due to the coronavirus crisis and worldwide grounding of Qantas international flying, the last six Qantas 747s will be going to storage and face uncertainty whether it will return to flying. Trip Report: Flying With Etihad During Pandemic, Flying The World’s Biggest TurboProp Antonov An-22, Lufthansa “Unusual” Business Class Flight To Dubai + Dubai Arrival Procedures, Trip Report: Flying Home on Lufthansa B747-8 First Class, Exclusive: The Last Qantas B747 at Mojave, Trip Report: My Last British Airways B747-400 Flight, Trip Report: Qantas 747 Special Farewell Sydney Flight, 5 Ways Commercial Air Travel Has Changed Since Pandemic.
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